Pelicad continues the legacy of cityscaper's award-winning innovation

Pelicad continues the legacy of cityscaper's award-winning innovation

March 11, 2024
Yannic Schwarz

cityscaper wins BMWi Award "StadtLandDigital"

cityscaper was honored with a special prize from the BMWi's initiative 'StadtLandDigital', a testament to its commitment to advancing digital ecosystems that enhance the lives and work of people while fostering innovative and efficient networking for prosperity and quality of life in cities and municipalities.

Cities grapple with complex planning and restructuring challenges, where informed stakeholder engagement is crucial for successful implementation. cityscaper addresses this need with its digital communication platform for urban planning, facilitating interactive exchanges of opinions during critical planning phases. Through user-friendly 3D virtual project designs accessible via web browsers and mobile apps, cityscaper empowers users to visualize the impacts of various planning options and actively contribute to shaping their urban environment.

Screenshot of cityscaper App, now Pelicad

Founder Robin Römer emphasizes the significance of timing and governmental support in fostering innovation. The recognition cityscaper receives underscores a paradigm shift, with governments increasingly valuing citizen participation as essential for effective urban planning.

cityscapers' collaboration with city administrations and its innovative approach exemplifies a new era of public-private partnerships aimed at delivering accessible solutions for all citizens.

As Pelicad takes the reins from cityscaper, it builds upon its predecessor's success, beginning a new chapter of innovation in real estate communication.