On this page you can find a list of the most frequently asked questions about our platform.

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How do I automate the style and atmosphere setting in Pelicad?

You have two options. Either describe the style and desired mood in your own words or simply upload one of your favourite architectural visualizations. Pelicad's AI learns from the input image and applies the style to your project.

How do I get started?

After creating an account you can simply upload your CAD or BIM file (.ifc). After the upload, your model is processed. During the processing time, you can already work with your file. For example, you can integrate it in its context as well as upload other .ifc files.

Am I able to make changes to the architectural design of a plan in Pelicad?

No. Pelicad helps you create architectural visualizations. This does not include iterations on the 3D design itself.

Am I able to add 3D staffing and context?

Yes. After the upload, you can add 3D objects like people, cars, and plants from our extensive 3D asset library. Also, you can add contextual information such as a fully textured Google 3D world model or poly buildings.

Am I able to change materials and textures in Pelicad?

Yes. After the upload, you can make changes to materials as well as textures based on our extensive material database.

Does Pelicad offer an .ifc viewer?

Yes. After the upload, you can view your .ifc file. Pelicad's .ifc viewer is focused on creating architectural visualizations and does not contain information about building status, contractors, or other non-visualization-related aspects.

Can I upload multiple .ifc files and merge them?

Yes you can upload multiple CAD or BIM files to one project as .ifc files and merge them afterwards.

Are Pelicad's AI features suited for exterior as well as interior visualization?

Pelicad's capabilities are continuously extended, starting with features aimed at exterior visualizations. We will develop additional features that focus on interior visualization soon.

How does Pelicad ensure accuracy in its visual representations?

Pelicad ensures accuracy by utilizing precise metadata from BIM files and employing AI algorithms to interpret architectural data. This helps maintain consistency and realism in the generated visuals, ensuring that they accurately reflect the intended visualization vision.

What level of customization does Pelicad offer for architectural visualization?

Pelicad offers a high degree of customization by allowing architects to change materials and textures. Additionally, architects can select and integrate specific 3D assets to personalize their visualizations further. Lastly, architects can describe their desired mood and style in their own words.

Does Pelicad offer AI landscape or garden visualization features?

Yes. In Pelicad you can add context (e.g. 3D Google Model) to your model and upscale the quality afterwards. Alternatively, you can leave out contextual information and generate the landscape or garden using our AI.

What are the AI real estate solutions offered by Pelicad?

Pelicad provides AI-powered solutions for real estate, offering advanced features for architectural visualization and marketing. You can create architectural visualizations within minutes as well as creating Augmented Reality experiences.

How can Pelicad be utilized for BIM marketing?

Pelicad can be used for BIM marketing by creating architectural visualizations within minutes by using the metadata of BIM plans. For example, Pelicad analyses material information within a BIM dataset and already pretextures your 3D cloud model to speed up the rendering process, thus cutting costs.

How does Pelicad compare to other rendering companies or 3D visualization companies?

Pelicad offers a unique approach compared to traditional rendering or 3D visualization companies. Instead of relying solely on manual design work or pre-existing templates, Pelicad combines AI technology with BIM data to produce customized visuals in minutes.

What is Pelicad and how does it work?

Pelicad is a software platform designed to help architects quickly create architectural visualizations within minutes. It uses a combination of cloud-based BIM data and AI to automate the rendering process, reducing the time and effort required compared to traditional methods.

How does Pelicad differ from other AI tools for architecture visualization?

Pelicad is unique among architectural AI visualization tools in that you can control the AI output using your 3D CAD or BIM data. Using 3D data, Pelicad's AI does not change geometry, materials, or textures. Instead, it automates the architectural style and atmosphere.

What sets Pelicad apart from other architectural rendering solution like Twinmotion, Lumion, enscape3D, and Vray?

Pelicad distinguishes itself from other architectural rendering companies by its focus on AI-driven automation that runs in cloud. While traditional rendering companies require extensive manual effort, time-consuming processes, and high computing power, Pelicad enables architects to create visuals rapidly without sacrificing quality.

Can I try out Pelicad for free?

Yes, the usual free-version is valid for 7 days. Until January 1st 2025 you have the exclusive chance to test Pelicad for 14 days for free by signing up on the waitlist. Afterwards, you will enter our Basic subscription automatically, if not cancelled before.

How much does Pelicad cost?

Pelicad offers monthly subscription models that vary in terms of the number of projects you can run simultaneously and how many visuals you can create for a single project. Prices will be announced shortly. Please sign up to the waiting list or our newsletter to receive the latest information.