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BOB.Düsseldorf Airport City
Case studies

BOB.Düsseldorf Airport City

March 11, 2024
Yannic Schwarz

NOTE: Before Pelicad started its journey, our company (cityscaper) focused on communicating complex construction projects more clearly and emotionally appealing. Using Augmented Reality (AR), citizens, investors, and other stakeholders could experience future construction projects live on-site in a 1:1 dimension. Making CAD data available on the cloud paved the way for Pelicads' mission to ease the pain of visual creation in architecture, real estate development, and urban planning.

What you're about to read is one of our case studies from cityscaper.

Experience BOB.Düsseldorf using Augmented Reality

BOB office buildings impress with their high level of climate friendliness, perfect indoor climate comfort and modern working environments. BOB's architects develop high-quality and individually tailored designs. Experience the attractive architecture of a groundbreaking building at the construction site in Airport City today with the cityscaper app.


New BOB working environments will be created by summer 2024 in the attractive Airport City in the vicinity of internationally renowned companies. With this app, experience the exciting architecture of Chapman Taylor in a virtual view in a real environment. The app generates what you see here directly from the digital model that the BOB planning team used to develop the office building to perfection. We bring the facade made of recycled aluminum to life, as well as the inner courtyard and the future open space design.

User Experience

Together with BOB, the user experience of the app was fundamentally revised for marketing use in project development. A QR code takes visitors directly from the construction fence to the future. After downloading the app, users can find the BOB project via the project tile. In a set-up area, the user's device locates itself within seconds and displays the model. You can then walk around the entire area, experience the attractive inner courtyard or take a look through the BOB window.