Case studies
Urban densification in Geilenkirchen
Case studies

Urban densification in Geilenkirchen

March 11, 2024
Yannic Schwarz

NOTE: Before Pelicad started its journey, our company (cityscaper) focused on communicating complex construction projects more clearly and emotionally appealing. Using Augmented Reality (AR), citizens, investors, and other stakeholders could experience future construction projects live on-site in a 1:1 dimension. Making CAD data available on the cloud paved the way for Pelicads' mission to ease the pain of visual creation in architecture, real estate development, and urban planning.

What you're about to read is one of our case studies from cityscaper.

Case Study

Future Flats, a property developer, plans to densify Geilenkirchen with four buildings comprising 40 apartments. Concerns from local authorities led Future Flats to partner with cityscaper, creating an interactive 3D viewer online. This tool objectively examines the visual impact on adjacent recreational areas. The visualizations facilitated convincing answers during meetings with policymakers.


Future Flats engaged cityscaper around 8 days before a crucial city planning committee meeting. Despite the short timeframe, cityscaper effectively implemented the existing plans in the 3D viewer and images for the presentation. There was time for 2 feedback loops, allowing for model adjustments.


"What started as curiosity evolved into a constructive partnership with positive outcomes. Interface issues in data exchange were resolved flexibly, professionally, and quickly. Visualizations supported our project presentation to the city development committee. With additional ideas for virtual project representation, we anticipate new possibilities for marketing campaigns. We look forward to continued collaboration and development." Bert Dreßen | Managing Director at Future Flats