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Cologne Ehrenstrasse
Case studies

Cologne Ehrenstrasse

March 14, 2024
Yannic Schwarz

NOTE: Before Pelicad started its journey, our company (cityscaper) focused on communicating complex construction projects more clearly and emotionally appealing. Using Augmented Reality (AR), citizens, investors, and other stakeholders could experience future construction projects live on-site in a 1:1 dimension. Making CAD data available on the cloud paved the way for Pelicads' mission to ease the pain of visual creation in architecture, real estate development, and urban planning.

What you're about to read is one of our case studies from cityscaper.

Experience the new design in Augmented Reality

By redesigning Ehrenstrasse, the city of Cologne not only wants to reduce traffic on the busy shopping street but also increase the quality of life. After the city designated the street as a pedestrian zone in 2022, it will be structurally redesigned in the coming years. The aim is to transform the stone urban space into a green boulevard for pedestrians and cyclists. To make the transformation tangible for all citizens, the planning developed by scape landscape architects was presented in augmented reality. This means everyone involved can immerse themselves in the future on-site.


Since the redesign of the street reduces the number of available parking spaces and has a high level of complexity, the communication strategy was expanded to include the use of augmented reality.

Ascan Egerer, councilor for mobility, states: "As part of participation formats, it is conceivable in the future, for example, to let citizens decide on different expansion options using AR. The insights into the future design of Ehrenstrasse are already impressive today and clearly show what kind of high-quality urban space will be created here.

User Experience

In collaboration with the Cologne Department of Mobility and the landscape architecture office, the planning was prepared for augmented reality and made available in the cityscaper app. Citizens can open the app on-site and automatically land in the immersive AR experience. You can then walk 800 meters through the future street and simply marvel.