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Lütticher Street in Aachen
Case studies

Lütticher Street in Aachen

March 14, 2024
Yannic Schwarz

NOTE: Before Pelicad started its journey, our company (cityscaper) focused on communicating complex construction projects more clearly and emotionally appealing. Using Augmented Reality (AR), citizens, investors, and other stakeholders could experience future construction projects live on-site in a 1:1 dimension. Making CAD data available on the cloud paved the way for Pelicads' mission to ease the pain of visual creation in architecture, real estate development, and urban planning.

What you're about to read is one of our case studies from cityscaper.

Traffic Planning for Lütticher Straße

Lütticher Straße is one of the main entry roads into the city of Aachen. Due to upcoming work by the local utility company, the street is set to be redesigned. Traffic planning faces conflicting interests at this location: Residents want to preserve existing trees while also retaining their parking spaces. The administration is mandated by the cycling initiative to establish cycling infrastructure, and premium pedestrian pathways are also part of the plan.


Four different versions of the street were presented and compared in the assessment. The app features an interface element that allows easy switching between different planning variations. As a traffic planner, one can quickly and effectively illustrate the differences on-site. Conversations with stakeholders are based on objective representations depicting the impact of the planning on the surroundings.


At the start of the engagement, emotions were high, and citizens felt overlooked. Through a successful participation process, emotions were mitigated, and discussions were rationalized, leading to constructive conversations. The engagement resulted in a fifth variant that optimally represents a compromise between various interests.