The story of Pelicad

The story of Pelicad

June 17, 2024
Yannic Schwarz

Introducing Pelicad: Transforming Architectural Visualization

In 2021, Sebastian Witt and Robin Römer founded cityscaper to simplify the communication of complex CAD planning data by offering Augmented Reality (AR) experiences. By 2023 more than 27 cities and real estate developers spent more than 200.000€ to communicate their projects excitingly and immersively.

Initial founders of cityscaper Sebastian Witt and Robin Römer

However, we realized soon that AR will always play a niche role in real estate communication. Why? Because AR gives stakeholders the chance to see (and often give feedback) to all kinds of details at a very early planning stage. However, after listening to architects and planners throughout our market research, we understood the real problem when communicating real estate projects: Creating visuals is tedious and involves a lot of manual work.

On average every planner, architect, and 3D designer spends more than 8 hours just to create one single architectural visualization based on 3D CAD data.

By understanding this issue as well as utilizing our deep knowledge about cloud 3D data and generative networks, we have the perfect starting point to create a tool that solves this challenge. Thus, in late 2023 we pivoted, creating Pelicad—a platform harnessing AI for effortless visual creation.

With Pelicad, architects and urban planners wield a powerful tool.
Leveraging cloud-based CAD pipelines and advanced AI algorithms, Pelicad streamlines visual creation, reducing time and effort. Our mission is clear: to empower architects worldwide to articulate their visions with clarity and precision.

By now we built a diverse team, combining 7 highly talented individuals:

Intuition & Style by Maria Portela

Experienced designer Maria Portela

Structure & efficiency by Morne Gouws

Morne Gouws backend development

Spicy frontend dev by Bernward Hoffmann

Frontend development by Bernward Hoffmann

Code with architectural know-how by Felix Horn

Fullstack developer Felix Horn

Our CTO and AI wizard - Sebastian Witt

Head of software development Sebastian Witt

Our pure business brain & CMO - Yannic Schwarz

Yannic Schwarz manages sales

And lastly… our Leatherman and CEO - Robin Römer

Robin Römer as CEO of Pelicad

As we embark on this new chapter, Pelicad invites you to join us in transforming architectural visualization.
Together, let's unlock the potential of 3D CAD data and AI to create a future where every architectural vision comes to life.