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Munich Westenriederstraße
Case studies

Munich Westenriederstraße

March 14, 2024
Yannic Schwarz

NOTE: Before Pelicad started its journey, our company (cityscaper) focused on communicating complex construction projects more clearly and emotionally appealing. Using Augmented Reality (AR), citizens, investors, and other stakeholders could experience future construction projects live on-site in a 1:1 dimension. Making CAD data available on the cloud paved the way for Pelicads' mission to ease the pain of visual creation in architecture, real estate development, and urban planning.

What you're about to read is one of our case studies from cityscaper.

Reimagine the Westenriederstraße in Munich in Augmented Reality

The city of Munich is planning to transform Westenriederstrasse into a pedestrian zone in order to both reduce traffic in the busy city center and increase the quality of stay in the long term. In order to show citizens a positive vision of the future and at the same time take people's needs into account, the city of Munich uses augmented reality. As part of the “BeNaMo” research project led by the nexus Institute , citizens have the opportunity to take a look into the future using AR and place additional 3D objects such as street furniture and other greenery elements.


In close coordination with the city of Munich, a possible future vision of Westenriederstrasse was presented in a traffic-calmed form using augmented reality. During the IAA 2023, the city is promoting the opportunity with a public stand on Westenriederstrasse. Guided by participation experts, citizens have the opportunity to experience the vision with their own devices and then submit their design suggestions. Trees can be planted, additional seating can be positioned and a draft submitted to the city of Munich. In addition, comments can be placed within the planning so that the city of Munich can record comments and concerns and take them into account in the planning.

User Experience

To reach as many citizens as possible, the city of Munich is organizing a public stand during the internationally renowned trade fair. The combination of outreach participation with digital elements is particularly suitable for the participation of young people. After downloading the cityscaper app, citizens can easily take a look into the future, express their opinions, and submit design suggestions. This turns analog city planning into inspiring citizen participation.